Fresh Breath Doggie Dental

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Fresh Breath Doggie Dental
Dog teeth cleaning without anesthesia
Cat teeth cleaning without anesthesia
Mobile service covering all of Melbourne
0439336825 or 0439DENTAL

Fresh Breath Doggie Dental

anesthesia free dog teeth cleaning and cat teeth cleaning service.  

all of the greater Melbourne area.


Thank you for making the wise choice of exploring a safer and gentler alternative to having your dog or cats teeth cleaned without the use of anesthesia. Pet teeth cleaning wasn't something that pet owners gave much attention to many years ago. Pet owners are becoming much more aware of the health risks to their pets if this vital part of their long term health is ignored. problems like heart,kidney and liver disease diabetes bone loss and a reduced lifespan by up to five years in smaller breeds.

Our prices for dog teeth cleaning is typically between 30% to 50% less than what most veterinarians would charge for a similar procedure.

At Fresh Breath Doggie Dental we truly love animals and cannot look at what we do from a business standpoint but more so from a passion and a calling to help animals in need.

It is our goal to educate pet owners of the dangers that are inherent with neglecting their pets oral health.

Teeth cleaning starting at eighteen months of age and then once a year after that can prevent the health risks from occurring or slow down deterioration that may have already occurred.

Studies have shown that gum disease also know as periodontal disease can shorten your pets life by up to 5 years.
Gum disease can cause serious damage to your pets heart, liver and kidneys if left untreated.

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